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A car engine is a mechanical device that helps to run the car. The fundamental definition of any type of engine is general. It states that an engine is an apparatus that produces an output for a given input. In a car, the purpose of the engine is very clear. It converts the heat energy produced by the combustion of a fuel into mechanical energy, just the power required to move the car. The history of the car engines goes back to thee 17th century when an English scientist, Samuel Morland used gunpowder to drive water pumps. Then the next significant leap occurred with the design of two stroke enginecreated by Sadi Carnot in France. The engines used a various range of energy conversion methods. This included steam, electricity, solar energy, turbines and the internal combustion engines which had pistons.

In 1878, Karl Benz materialized the concept of four stroke, petrol internal combustion engines given by Otto. In 1896, he received the patent for the flat engine that we usually come across these days. The design principle of this type of flat engines is now used as the basis for the high performance aero engines for the propeller driven aircrafts.

Later, internal combustion engines are designed and used in cars that run on petrol as well as diesel. Such engines are used till now. This success of internal combustion engine is attributed to its flexibility in different ranges of speed. Due to improvement of technology in the control systems onboard computers and the highly sophisticated fuel injection control, these used car engines received overwhelming support.

From the start to the mid of the 20th century, the automobile production industry in America was focused on improving the power efficiency of the car engine. This process included various measures for increasing engine power such as increasing the size of the engine, increasing the speed of power generation and increasing the pressure inside the cylinders.

On the other hand, the automobile companies in Europe concentrated on developing more economic cars. They did this by focusing on improving the combustion efficiency of the comparatively smaller engines. Thus, the economic car engines were first produced. After this, significant change in the automobile manufacturing came only in 1970s when the companies showed more interested on fuel efficiency progress.

In the recent years, the design of the car engines have changed considerably as more and more people show interest in high performance sports cars rather than economic cars that give more mileage. So, there is a huge increase in the number of sports car manufacturers around the world. Such car engines work specifically for speed and style. The used car engines are available in reasonable price and also they go a very long way to satisfy your needs. All types of engines including club car engines are available here at reviews.

Apart from the used car engines, this website also gives you valuable information on how car engines work, car engine start and how to clean a car engine.
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2000 Oldsmobile Alero Used Engine
1985 Volvo 740 Used Engine
B230F, VIN 88, 160-175UTR, VLU PRC
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2005 Saab 9-2X Used Engine
Gas Engine, Complete Unit R-1
1985 Saab 900 Used Engine
Without Turbo; (VIN J, 8th digit) \RG/TG 130C
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